Civil Engineer Taiseer Al-Salihi
Taiseer Al-Salihi
Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte - Master of Science (M.S.) Structural Engineering2021
Al- Mustansiriya University College of Engineering - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Civil Engineering2007
• Favorite Quote or Motto: "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools" Douglas Adams
• Work Experience:  5 - 10  years
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My Story

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Technical and Software Expertise

CAD Designer, Jr. Project/Field Engineer, Scheduler, Jr. Planning Engineer

I am...

Detail-oriented Civil-Structural Engineering and EIT with more than five years of experience in managing construction projects, handling operation projects, and scheduling. Responsible for reviewing and approving project drawings and specifications using my expertise in AutoCAD. Capable of problem-solving, making decisions in crucial cases, and working in a team. Seeks new opportunities in Structural Engineering, using the required skills, and continue to grow as a Designer.

I chose to be a Civil Engineer,Structural Engineer because...

Being an engineer is not a choice, its who I am. Since I was a teenager, I always try to solve the little problems, and being an engineer is putting my skill set and make it my career. Dealing with people, and work situations every day, made me always prepared to come up with a solution, and finding common ground to make the work environment running smoothly. My second reason is I love designing. I remember when I started college, and I got my first T-square, and the minute my HB pencil touched the paper drawing my first line, then I knew that is what I want to do, delivering a complex idea with detailed calculation on a layout that holds my name.

This is My Story

Taiseer Al-Salihi was born in Baghdad, Iraq. His love for engineering started at the age of 12 when his father (a professor of electrical engineering) would take him to his lab at the University of Technology in Baghdad. In 2007, Taiseer obtained his bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Al-Mustansiriya University College of Engineering in Baghdad, Iraq, with a grade of excellence for his graduation project.

In 2009, he landed his first job at Adnan Al Mosawy, working on the ground reservoir R9 project in Baghdad as a drafter, and he was later appointed as a junior project field engineer for the same project. In addition to this, he gained valuable experience learning the challenge of supervising engineering projects and coordinating with the subcontractors to complete a project on time. At the same time, he managed to get a side job with Cadini Group using his AutoCAD experience to edit and submit the revised version of the project layouts.

Due to a sudden change in his mother's health and her need to be transferred to Beirut for medical treatment after her diagnosis, Taiseer decided to shift his focus from pursuing his engineering career temporarily to be more available to help take care of his mother. After her health improved and she moved to the United States, Taiseer took the opportunity to move with his mother not only to continue to care for her when needed but also to pursue his dream of becoming a professional engineer.

As a result, in 2018, he moved to the United States, settling in North Carolina and started taking online courses to pass the Fundamental Engineering exam, the FE. In May 2019, he passed his FE exam and got his work permit, allowing him to continue his journey of pursuing his engineering career with two main goals: to begin working while also preparing to take the PE exam. In the meanwhile, he is admitted to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to start his Master's degree in Structural Engineering, to begin a new chapter with a lot of new opportunities.

Hobbies and interests

PhotographyReadingGoing to the gymSolving puzzlesSwimmingDesigning artLearning a new skill/computer programsKeeping up with the latest developments in technology.

What skills have been most important to your career?

In my career, I developed two sets of skills:

• Autodesk AutoCAD
• Microsoft Project
• Adobe Acrobat
• Adobe Photoshop
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Oracle Primavera P6
• Microsoft Word
• Theodolite
• Level Measuring

• Deadline Oriented
• Inter-personal
• Perseverance
• Communication
• Problem-solving
• Creativity
• Adaptability
• Positive work ethic
• Positive Attitude

Examples of Projects I've Worked On

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