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Welcome to RePicture

We’re a diverse community of students, professionals, educators, and companies helping you connect with the world of STEM - and with STEM in the world all around you.

What We Do

RePicture is a new way to accelerate your career, stand out on job and university applications, and build meaningful connections in STEM.

How We Do It

Through our workshops, in-class lesson plans, and award-winning STEM Career Accelerator you will:

  • Connect with diverse STEM professionals and peers
  • Explore career paths through real-world STEM projects and networking
  • Build and showcase critical professional skills and interests

Who We Serve

RePicture serves all those making choices for their career and future.

Career Changers

Skill Builders

New Grads


RePicture for Educators

It’s not enough to get your students excited about STEM, especially for those historically under-represented. Set them up for success in the workplace and help them build up their STEM identity and shine. When they showcase what they’re working on at your school, they’ll help you shine too.

RePicture for Employers

Interested in connecting with diverse, motivated students and securing your talent pipeline for the future? RePicture helps you easily build meaningful connections with top talent, showcase your company through your exciting work, and directly impact future leaders of STEM.

Ready to help the next generation of STEM leaders?

RePicture for Mentors

Woah! Things are changing.
You’re in a transition.

Most of us choose our careers based on happenstance and luck, our given and chosen network, the privileges or disadvantages we’re born into, where we think we belong, and what others think is possible for us.

As a result, only ~50% of people are satisfied with their jobs and there’s a persistent lack of diversity in STEM at a time when we need all the talent we can get.

There’s a better way.

When something new is on the horizon and
you’re not sure what path is right for you.

Where do I belong? Is STEM right for me?
Where should I go to college and what should I major in?
How do I learn about new and emerging fields?
What will help me succeed? How can I stand out?
What jobs match my interests and skills?

We’ve got you!

Hear from our students

About Our Award-
Winning Program

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the award >

Past Winners Include

IBM, AT&T, Hewlett Packard


Alexis Van Zandt


Prairie View A&M University B.S. Biology-Chemistry 2021

“RePicture is an amazing virtual community where you can learn about STEM projects helping people across the world, connect with STEM professionals, and become part of a community that’s shaping the future.”

Taiseer Al-Salihi


The University of North Carolina M.S. Structural Engineering 2021

“One of the factors that helped me land my first research assistant job at UNC was one of the projects I submitted for the RePicture-AISC award. My advisor asked me for a writing sample and I shared with him a link to the RePicture project. He was impressed by the way it was written and I got the job. Now I get to work on a project that I’m very excited about!”

Alyssa Miller


Gettysburg College Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Physics 2023

“You get to explore what's out there, understand what you're going into, and build up your expertise. It's definitely a way to build up your resume.”

Noran Shahin


University of Houston Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 2021

“Before the Repicture Program, I didn't really know where I was going to go after college... After participating in the Repicture Program …. I was able to find a career path that aligned with my interests and that I could really see myself doing and enjoying.”

Torh Hinneh


Columbia University Master's Degree Civil(Structural) Engineering 2023

“I really wish I knew about the RePicture program a long time ago. I think more students should participate in it to figure out their careers path and learn how to network effectively.

Amanda Crocker


Lafayette College Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Biology 2023

“My biggest takeaway from the RePicture program so far is that we have so much time in our lives to explore different aspects of STEM… This has given me a confidence boost and reassurance that I don't need to have everything figured out right away.”

Chalisa Pusitdhikul

High school student

“The RePicture summer program is the best summer program I’ve attended! Even though it was virtual, I learnt so many things including time management, conducting independent research and of course STEM! The support I got from the RePicture team was also very welcoming. The immense STEM knowledge I gained this summer was far beyond what I expected.”

Assata Harris

Stem college student

“I definitely learned a lot about my own personal interests. I actually wrote some of my college essays based on the research I did over the summer with the RePicture Program. I do believe it’s a great opportunity to explore your own interest in science... I had my [college] interview a few days ago and I mentioned my RePicture Program, and the alumni knew about the program (which was pretty cool).”

Paloma Lenz

High school student

“Listening to professionals describe their work has been the most valuable part of the RePicture Program. … has expanded my understanding of how to improve the world and explore my interests.”

Kaitlyn Kwan

High school student

“The most valuable part of the RePicture program is that it gives students the opportunity to connect with STEM professionals who give valuable advice on personal branding, career exploration, technical writing and other skills important to your career”

Angelina Leopardo


High school student

“During the RePicture Summer's Program I created some project write ups that I then used to get into a neuroscience program that I was interested in. I also use some of the professional speaking skills that I learned in my day-to-day life, including when trying to get internships and trying to get a job”

Kyla Letko

High school student

“My favorite aspect of the program was probably the awards because they motivated me to find interesting projects. They also motivated me to look for projects in a topic that I may not have otherwise been interested in.”

Farrah Jasmine Dingal


Pennsylvania State University M.S. Professional Studies Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems 2023

“The lessons I learned from the RePicture Program will be lessons I will carry for the rest of my career…. RePicture equips participants with the know-how to succeed. RePicture is not just a program for those in the sciences. It's for anyone and everyone interested in learning more about how the natural world works and what we can do about it.”

Taden Welsh


Gettysburg College Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Biology 2021

“I’m starting a job as a research technician at a local pharmaceutical company. They actually noted that RePicture and STEM writing are qualities that they look for in a job candidate! I truly cannot thank you enough for all your help and all of the resources you provide.”

Jonica Gibson

Coastal Engineer

University of Delaware (M.S.) Civil Engineering 1996

“I am so thankful for what RePicture is doing in helping others understand engineering and providing information on possibilities of a career in engineering!”

Katherine Callahan

Environmental Engineer

Manhattan College (M.S.) Environmental Engineering 2022

“In one of my job interviews, the interviewer had read my RePicture Profile and mentioned what a great tool it was for him to have. It also helped demonstrate my writing skills, which he said was very useful.”

Katie Wheaton

Civil Engineering Professor

“My students and I had a great experience working with RePicture as a course project. Within a few weeks my students received a wide variety of experiences that will help them in their professional work. ... And, perhaps most importantly, their final product is a published project they can showcase on their resume to potential employers. The RePicture staff was so helpful every step of the way.”

Patricia Neary

Physics Teacher

Alfred University (M.S.) Ceramic Engineering

“Some of my students conducted independent research through the RePicture summer program and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences! I especially noticed a growth in their communication skills, confidence, and understanding of STEM careers and networking as a result of their participation in the program!”

Arash Massoudieh

Civil Engineering Associate Professor

Sharif University of Technology (M.S.) Civil Engineering

“The RePicture App seems very interesting and I think it will be very beneficial for Engineering students to learn more about the professional work Engineers do.”

Daniel Dudek

Science Instructor

University of Texas at Austin PGP-DSBA Data Science & Business Analytics

“RePicture’s focus on projects and highlighting accomplishments fits perfectly as a follow-up to our program where the students participating can begin building their digital identity with an emphasis on their research. We lack a platform that aids students in showcasing their work. RePicture fits perfectly as a professional development component as the program arrives at completion.”

The RePicture Difference

1000+ projects uploaded to our platform

80+ STEM professionals mentored our students

400+ personal profiles uploaded by students and STEM professionals to the RePicture platform

250+ hours of career coaching and student mentorship

Approximately 75% of Career Accelerator participants are women

15% of Career Accelerator participants are men of color

Over 100 full-program scholarships provided to students

Advisory Board and Team

Bryan Ha

Advisory Board Member

Director of Government Relations, California Faculty Association

Moaz Hamid

Advisory Board Member

Founding Partner, mvmt ventures

Jennifer Ives

Advisory Board Member

Global Executive | Board Member | Author

Rohit Gupta

Advisory Board Member

Managing Director, Future Communities Capital

Lynn Mayo

Co-Founder, CEO


Aelisa Carr

Co-Founder, President


Thomas Gerken

Strategy Advisor

Data Science and Business, UC Berkeley

Saurabh Kulkarni

Technology Advisor

Founder and CEO, Analogy Plus, Director of Engineering, Aspire Public Schools

Jennifer Wall

Digital Marketing Advisor


Jodye Russell

Coach and Mentor

Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Engineer

Jeraldyne Norman

Panel Moderator, Peer Mentor

Jr. Transportation Planner

Rupesh Kadam

Software Developer

RePicture, Analogy Plus

Akshay Patil

Software Developer

RePicture, Analogy Plus

Maritza Padilla

Student Solutions Specialist

UC Santa Cruz

Abolaji (BJ) Oke

Social Media Marketing Intern

University of Miami

Lindsey Tatsumi

Peer Mentor, 2022

University of California, Merced Bioengineering ‘25

Katherine Callahan

Peer Mentor, 2020-2022

Environmental Engineer

Tabitha Nowak

Peer Mentor, 2021

Lehigh University, Environmental Science ‘23

Ashai Moreno

Peer Mentor, 2022

University of California, Santa Cruz, B.S. Astrophysics ‘25

Jim Song-Lopez

Peer Mentor, 2022

University of California, Merced, B.S. Political Science ‘22

Michael Fischer-Haagens

Peer Mentor, 2022

University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A. Music ‘25

Lauren Murphey

Peer Mentor, 2020

Mechanical Engineer-In-Training

Danielle Kleinberg

Peer Mentor, 2020

Gettysburg College, B.S. Chemistry and Environmental Studies ‘23

Student Advisory Board

Our student advisory board consists of past students
of our STEM Career Accelerators.

Jazmine Afolayan 2022

Avirral Agarwal


Jasmine Flores


Kuzey Kantarcioglu


Kara Kim


Julian Leal


Angelina Leopardo

2021, 2022 Ambassador

Joshua Odiase


Aquib Syed


Joseph Ajjan


Juliana Chen


Torh Hinnen


Brihanna Lewin


Emily Rotola


Emily Bostrom


Caroline Junker


Fredrick Sagoe Nkum


Noran Shahin


Salma Shahin


Bryn Werley


Taden Welsh


Our Journey


RePicture’s journey begins with our mission to increase interest and diversity in STEM

Read our story >


Shortlisted on NSF INCLUDES Grant, enrolled ~35 collaborators in education and industry


Awarded American Geophysical Union (AGU) Grant to develop STEM lesson plan


Launched first beta


  • I-corps customer discovery program at UC Berkeley 
  • CITRIS Foundry Incubator at UC Berkeley 
  • STEM to Market/Association for Women in Science Accelerator
  • Invited Speaker at AGU Annual Conference & published paper ASEE
  • Founders Institute


  • Piloted 1st Accelerator to help students that lost jobs and internships due to covid
  • Pilot of AISC-RePicture Lesson Plan for Engineering Students at Case Western Reserve University
  • Pilot RePicture Club at Gettysburg College


  • Expand Career Accelerator to include soft skills and self development workshops
  • Invited Speaker for UC Berkeley Newton Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Over 25,000 views on YouTube Channel


  • Won WEPAN Award for work
  • Partner for inaugural California-funded University of California Workforce Innovation program
  • CSI Sponsors 3rd Annual Accelerator
  • Published paper ASEE


  • Expanding to serve more students everywhere
  • Connecting companies with our diverse, motivated talent
  • Launch of new site!

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Core Values

I don’t think success looks like any particular person.

I do believe every individual has something brilliant in them and has a responsibility and a purpose that they were placed here on earth for such a time as this time.

Dr. Myron Rolle

former NFL player, Rhodes Scholar now in his Neurosurgery Residency at Harvard.