Cinque Terre

Prashant Waghe

Software Developer
2 - 5  years of work experience
qwerty - Bachelor's Degree 

My Story

Our education collaborators are working on programs to implement the app in STEM classrooms and clubs for kids and teens nationally and around the world to learn about how engineering shapes our every day lives. Kids and teens in these programs will be invited to connect with engineers through the app so they can meet and interact with professionals in their fields of interest. Please contact us to learn more about the program and how you can participate.

This is My Story

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Hobbies and interests

What college classes have you used most?

I have taken alot of english classes during my college

Projects I've Worked On

RePicture App

San Francisco, CA, United States




YCC 360- Your College Concierge web and mobile platform

Florida, USA



Job Title At Time of This Project

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How many years of relevant experience did you have when you worked on this project?

0 to 2 years

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