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Our education collaborators are working on programs to implement the app in STEM classrooms and clubs for kids and teens nationally and around the world to learn about how engineering shapes our every day lives. Kids and teens in these programs will be invited to connect with engineers through the app so they can meet and interact with professionals in their fields of interest. Please contact us to learn more about the program and how you can participate.

About Us

University of Wisconsin- Madison alumni base is more than 50,000 strong—and includes people whose job titles not only include the word “engineer,” but also range from astronaut to CEO to entrepreneur and many, many, many more. They are deeply proud of their engineering education and the opportunities it has presented them. They are part the college’s past, present and future of making a difference beyond the campus, and through them, the college has influenced some of the greatest achievements in the world—including the Hoover Dam, the Panama Canal, and the development of the integrated circuit.

The Vision of the Civil & Environmental Engineering department is to develop and maintain a learning community that pursues new knowledge and understanding and provides innovative and sustainable solutions to human and ecological needs. Its Mission is to create, integrate and transfer civil and environmental engineering knowledge and practice in the development of professionals, leaders and citizens who help define and serve societal and environmental needs by applying this knowledge and practice in an effective and sustainable manner.

Headquarters Location

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Year Founded


Services Provided

The primary research areas include:
- Construction Engineering and Management
- Environmental Engineering and Science
- Environmental Chemistry and Technology
- Geological Engineering
- Materials for Constructed Facilities
- Structural Engineering
- Transportation Engineering
- Water Resources Engineering and Science


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