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Our education collaborators are working on programs to implement the app in STEM classrooms and clubs for kids and teens nationally and around the world to learn about how engineering shapes our every day lives. Kids and teens in these programs will be invited to connect with engineers through the app so they can meet and interact with professionals in their fields of interest. Please contact us to learn more about the program and how you can participate.

About Us

RePicture is helping you discover careers shaping the future (TM). We are making science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) accessible to all. We are a career development, education, and jobs site that is building a marketplace for engineering-related employers, STEM professionals, and students to connect. helps engineering-related companies and professionals tell their stories to attract diverse job candidates and potential clients. These stories are then used to increase students’ and the public’s understanding and interest in STEM.

Organization Mission

Our mission is to harness the power of community to better design our world. is a digital stage for the engineering community to bring their work to life for greater knowledge and opportunities. We are transforming how the world’s toughest challenges are solved and how the built environment is designed.

Headquarters Location

Bekeley, CA and Bethesda, MD

Organization Size

1 - 10 employees

Year Founded


Services Provided

career development, jobs, education, speaking engagements, outreach, marketing


  • Woman-Owned Business - USA

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Our Commitments

We give back to our community

We are a mission-driven community that is increasing interest and diversity in engineering. We are currently developing high school lesson plans that can be used by schools at no cost. RePicture Engineering was incorporated in January 2018. For the past three years, the co-founders, as part of I Look Like A Civil Engineer, organized a photo booth at Discover Engineering Family Day in Washington, DC as part of Engineer’s Week. Each year about 500 kids pictured themselves as civil engineers. We have also volunteered at school functions to show kids the amazing work of engineers.

We invest in staff development

We invest in technology

We support diversity in engineering

We have designed the site based on research regarding how to attract more girls and other underrepresented groups to engineering.

This is Our Story...

Co-founders Aelisa Carr and Lynn Mayo first met over beers during company happy hours where Lynn and Aelisa’s husband worked.

Our typical happy hour talk changed to a shared mission in 2015 when we were inspired by a tweet by Isis Anchalee about the lack of diversity in engineering. At the time we both had rewarding careers as civil engineers and we knew we wanted to help others to consider engineering as a career.

We looked at the research and found there isn't just a problem attracting girls to engineering, there are also fewer boys interested in engineering as a career. The research showed the lack of interest and diversity in engineering is due to a lack of exposure to engineering careers, inaccurate perceptions about the field, and misconceptions about what an engineer “looks” like. We also talked to engineering companies and learned that one of their biggest challenges is finding technical staff.

It didn’t take long to come up with an idea to use the engineering all around us to showcase the diverse work of engineers and tell the stories of engineers helping their communities. We started working on to make engineering accessible to all and to connect young people to the many career options available to them in engineering. Over the next years we worked with high school educators, professors, college students, professional societies, engineers, and engineering companies on ways to effectively engage young people and connect the engineering community with

In 2018, RePicture Engineering was established as a Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission is to harness the power of community to better design our world. Professionals in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are all helping to create our future. Therefore, we are increasing interest and diversity in STEM by creating better career outcomes for all. We believe everyone will benefit when strong, diverse teams are designing our future and when every young person wanting to make the world a better place can find the career path that’s right for them.


RePicture App

San Francisco, CA, United States

Role on Project


Type of Work Performed

Ideation, UX design, software development, building a network of supporters and collaborators to support the development and launch of the App

A Closer Look at What We Did

As the owner of this project, we identified the requirements for the site, tested the site, and provided daily guidance on its development.

We started with an idea to put engineering projects on a map, and allow people and companies to tag themselves on the projects. While it's evolved over two years as we went through the development process, this is still at the core of the App.

Link: Organization Project Page

Organization Media

STEM Stats.pdf

I Look Like a Civil Engineer Photo Booth

National Building Museum, F Street Northwest, Washington, DC, United States

Role on Project


Type of Work Performed

Organized, On-site Volunteers

A Closer Look at What We Did

We organized the booth, photographer, backdrops, and volunteers. We've teamed with engineering companies to sponsor the booth, including AMT the first year and AECOM the second and third year.

Volunteers ran the photo booth where each year about 500 kids pictured themselves as civil engineers. Each kid selected a civil engineering project as their backdrop, such as a dam, bridge, sea wall, roller coaster, building or stream restoration project, and we explained how civil engineers are involved in each type of project. We frequently heard from both kids and parents that they had no idea civil engineers worked on such diverse projects that impact the environment and the world we live in. We believe once kids realize how society benefits from engineering every day, and that civil engineers are responsible for making our infrastructure safe, designing the cities of the future and protecting our natural resources, they will be more interested in civil engineering and STEM.

Organization Media

Video on DEFD - RePicture Engineering

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