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About Us

Bellingham Marine is a marine engineering, manufacturing, and building firm that specializes in structures that float on the water.

Organization Mission

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Organization Awards and Distinctions

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Headquarters Location

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Organization Size

201 - 500 employees

Year Founded


Services Provided

Marina Design, Floating Dock Design & Construction, Concrete Floating Docks, Marina Construction, and Dry Storage (source:


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Our Commitments

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This is Our Story...

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Recreation Pier At The Wharf

The Wharf DC, Maine Avenue Southwest, Washington, DC, USA

Role on Project

Construction Contractor

Type of Work Performed

Pier and Dock Design

A Closer Look at What We Did

Bellingham Marine provided the services needed to replace the existing marinas and piers for Phase 1 of The Wharf Project.

Link: Organization Project Page

Project Awards

Organization Media

Beautifully Executed Waterfront Development: The Wharf - Website

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