Computer Science Student Fredrick Sagoe Nkum
Fredrick Sagoe Nkum
Computer Science Student
university of Cape Coast - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) computer Science2023
• Favorite Quote or Motto: Do Unto others as You want Others to do unto You.
• Work Experience:  0 - 2  years
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My Story

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Technical and Software Expertise

Javascript (React), Node JS(Express), SQL, Git

I am...

a Computer Science Student at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

I chose to be a Computer Science Student because...

I have grown up around computers and always loved working around technology. It always seemed to come naturally to me and I loved learning about it any chance I get. Also, one secret in achieving success is to always love what you do.

I like my job because...

I would be able to solve a lot of problems in the future since most of our daily life activities will involve computers.

I want others to know...

You have to study twice as hard when you are studying something you do not like. It is extra time and energy consuming.

My STEM education has helped me ...

It has helped me because it has given me the impression that I will one day become meaningful in society since I will help solve a lot of problems

This is My Story

I was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana(Africa). When I was growing computers was not all that common in my community. I was lucky I had one neighbor who had a Pentium 3 desktop computer which was the fastest computer I had seen at that time. I used to visit him every day just to play video games. At times too I will just be going through the computer without knowing what I was doing so it got to a time which I got to know more about the computer than the owner. I realized being around the computer is what I love to do so I should follow my dreams.

Hobbies and interests

The NavyDocumentarylearning to codewatching movies

What college classes have you used most?

Database, Programming , Calculus

What skills have been most important to your career?

Problem Solving

Examples of Projects I've Worked On

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