High School Student Brihanna Lewin
Brihanna Lewin
High School Student
• Favorite Quote or Motto: "If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life"- Marcus Garvey
• Work Experience:  High School Student 

My Story

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I am...

a passionate and self-motivated rising high school senior, who is willing to go the extra mile for anyone or anything. I aspire to one day look back at my life and say "Yes, I fulfilled my life's purpose," and I am interested in biomedical and chemical (pharmaceutical) engineering.

I chose to be a High School Student because...

I'm interested in STEM as STEM is what pervades every aspect of our present-day including not just the structural and developmental aspect of the world but humanity as well and will continue to make everlasting changes that will greatly/positively impact our future. STEM provides students with the opportunity to make a difference that will not just positively affect today but also affect tomorrow and every other tomorrow beyond that through fostering creativity, motivating, and inspiring young people to generate new technologies and ideas. With this in mind, while fostering creativity, motivating and inspiring young people to generate new technologies and ideas, STEM encourages people to dare, get out of their comfort zone, try again as well as make mistakes as STEM provides a risk-free environment that embraces mistakes and allows students to feel free to exercise and use what they learn to try again and do better as "Failure is not the opposite of success; it's part of success."-Arianna Huffington. Additionally, STEM constantly ventures into the domain of the unknown, and while the unknown may seem to have a "limit," I believe STEM continues to break those "limits," as in reality there are no limits being that one can achieve anything if they really want to. Lastly, I believe STEM is where most people discover their courage as "Being brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way to work through it."- Bear Grylls

My typical day at work involves...

going to school, completing my assignments, finding new books to read, expanding my vocabulary with words I don't hear or use on a daily basis, exercising, studying, eating, sleeping, and doing my daily hygiene routine. On my not-so-typical days, I would normally go to any of the extracurriculars I have to attend for those days, try out new hairstyles and experiment with cooking recipes.

I want others to know...

that it is okay to be doubtful, it is okay to feel as though you have no clue as to what you want to pursue in life, it is okay to try something new without any prior knowledge as every experience is a learning one and we all have to start somewhere, but most importantly it's okay to be scared of taking that first step outside of your comfort zone as that first step through that barrier will be the one that defines your future and it is crucial to carefully consider what it is that you are most passionate about to be willing to take such a huge step with no intention of turning back. All over the world and universe, new discoveries are being made, humans and animals are evolving and technology is advancing which is all due to the presence of fear and doubt as, without doubt, we wouldn't carefully take into consideration the perspective of others. Without people carefully thinking about what they want to pursue in life, we would have people who aren't passionate about their jobs, and that results in them not being able to better or add any value to their company or organization. Without the luxury of experiencing new things by venturing into the domain of the unknown without prior knowledge, we wouldn't live in a society that always wants to shatter its own limits by striving to know more and without that fear associated with getting outside of our comfort zone, no one would ever evolve nor have any distinct qualities that would create every aspect of a unique society.

My experience working in teams

As a student or a professional working amongst other people in a team is essential as "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent."- John Donne. In order to usher in a new age where everyone benefits equally from the many creations, advancements, and innovations brought about by science and technology everyone has to work together cohesively in the pursuit of a common goal as teamwork not only provides the benefit of delegating the workload equally between all members but it also allows room for each member to learn from another, gain a new perspective, builds trust, fosters creativity and learning, encourages healthy risk-taking and teaches conflict resolution skills that will allow the team members to grow individually and as a whole. Throughout my years of being a student, a sister, and a friend, I have gained a lot of perspectives which aided in my passion for debating about controversial topics head-on with sound reasoning, built a trustworthy bond with my peers and siblings, improved on my creativity and originality, began taking risks and reformed my conflict resolution skills. The most notable lesson though, that I have learned is that when working in a team one needs to always have faith in their teammates and attempt the task with optimism regardless of what is at stake as it takes only one person's faith or lack of to make the difference being whether the whole team sinks or swims.

This is My Story

My name is Brihanna Lewin and I was born and raised in Jamaica. I am passionate about doing everything possible, even if it's uncomfortable at first, to ensure that I live a life I will forever be proud of as well as fulfill my life's purpose and I love to encourage others to do the same as well. I was interested in joining this summer program as I strongly believe it can help guide me to pursue a career path that will not only be of great educational and financial benefits to myself as well as others but, I also believe it can help me to pursue a career path that I would be most passionate about and one that I would be willing to go the extra mile for. Additionally, after completing the RePicture Summer Program, I am hoping that I would have taken one of many important steps in doing something out of my comfort zone for a change as I have always been too afraid, more so often than not to try something new, and since starting my self-reformation/amelioration journey in order to evolve all aspects of my being into the absolute best version of myself I have decided to do things that would normally scare me. The reason for such a decision would be to reinvent myself into a person that others can look up to, depend on and find as an inspiration. Lastly, I would love to continue down my path to success as well as encourage others to do the same with the additional knowledge gained from the RePicture Summer Program, to be one of the many catalyst leaders who will foster a long-lasting change for many generations to come.

Hobbies and interests

ReadingAnalyzing PoetryNetballListening to musicSewingDrawingCookingCosmetology

What classes have you used most?

The class I have enjoyed the most of all the classes I have ever taken would have to be the DE Harvard Poetry Class that I took recently in spring 2021. This would not be a typical favorite for those who are pursuing a career in STEM as it has to do with the humanities rather than the sciences but I am positive that the skills and techniques used to analyze poems written by Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, etc that were explored throughout the course aided in reforming my, as well as the other students' analyzing skills who took the class and gradually improved our skills after each assignment. The skills and techniques used in analyzing each poem can be used in any STEM area as poetry analysis is the examining of the independent elements of a poem to understand the literary work in its entirety. Analyzing a poem line by line allows you to break poems down in order to study their structure, form, language, metrical pattern, and theme. I do know for a fact that while in STEM scientists don't break down cellulose in plant fibers to study their form, language, meter, and theme, they do however break them down to make them into biofuels. Likewise, scientists don't break down atoms to study their theme, they, however, break them down to harness the energy they release as nuclear energy and find out what makes up the universe. All things considered, poetry analysis is no different from scientific research, and while they seem like opposites they have actually long been intertwined.

What skills have been most important to your career?

as a high school student, apart from the technical/hard skills such as machine operation, project management, data analysis, programming, etc that one develops from academic as well as work real work experiences such as internships, part-time jobs, research projects, etc, to succeed in a class as well as the working world has definitely been the soft skills also known as "people's skills" or "interpersonal skills" that can't or aren't easy to quantify. Some of my soft skills that have improved and continue to improve gradually are my teamwork skills, problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, time management skills, active listening skills, and organizational skills. Additionally, other soft skills that have been of great importance to my career as a high school student are my ability to adapt to any given situation, situational awareness, patience, optimism, open-mindedness, self-motivation, work ethic, and willingness to learn.

Examples of Projects I've Worked On

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