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Join our community of college students interested in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), recent STEM graduates, and exceptional high school students for a fun and educational course this summer. You’ll:

  • Explore career opportunities
  • Improve the skills most valued by employers
  • Compete in contests
  • Grow your network and be part of the STEM community

Explore. Build Your Resume. Win Prizes.

  • The 6-week course will meet in June and July, 2021
  • Flexible schedule. Sessions will be live and recorded
  • Connect with other STEM students
  • Join one career exploration track for all 6 weeks, or explore different options. Career exploration tracks include:
    • Protecting the Health of People and the Planet
    • Green Energy
    • Designing our Communities
    • Helping People Through Disaster/Hazard Planning
    • Your Choice (find a topic that interests you!)
  • Each week you’ll improve a professional skill valued by employers, including:
    • Personal Branding
    • STEM Writing and Presentation Skills
    • Professional Networking

Why Apply? Hear what employers have to say.

Gain experience to add to your resume
“The RePicture STEM Program experience more value to the resume, as well as providing links to their Portfolio. This experience and solid RePicture work examples are helpful and gives the new grad a step ahead.” – company Hiring Manager
Create a portfolio of your work
“The link to their RePicture profile that showed what they did caught my eye right away and made me pay attention. The link was a selling point, as was the RePicture award.” – company Hiring Manager
Improve skills employers are seeking
“Many STEM students don’t know how important written and verbal communication skills are. The RePicture program helps students improve these important skills.” – company Hiring Manager

100% of STEM managers rated students with RePicture Program experience on their resume higher compared to students with no experience.

Hear what last year’s students have to say.

Join our STEM Community
“RePicture is an amazing virtual community where you can learn about STEM projects helping people across the world, connect with STEM professionals, and become part of a community that’s shaping the future.” – Alexis, Biology Student
Network with Professionals
“RePicture program helped me in so many ways. It gave me the opportunity to interview professionals and be familiar with their work, which opened up so many potential ideas for my future career.” -- Taiseer, Civil Engineering Student
Discover Opportunities
“I was really happy because it has allowed me time to really explore what my interests are within my major and to try to expand my horizons as far as what I could potentially do in the future.” - Salma, Civil Engineering Student
Compete for Awards
“I must say you have made a great impact in my life. I thought that the only people I was competing with were the people in my country, but I have gotten to know I have to work harder. This has made increased efforts in whatever I’m doing.” - Fredrick, Computer Science Student
Build Your Resume
“It's a good opportunity to explore what's out there, get a better understanding about what you're going into, and build up your expertise. It's definitely a way to build up your resume.” - Alyssa, Physics Student

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