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Tyser Tower at Maryland Stadium


Stadium Drive, College Park, Maryland, USA

Page owner: Michael Grinnell

Project Overview
Project Name: Tyser Tower at Maryland Stadium
Date Completed: 2009
Location: College Park, Maryland, United States
Project Status: Complete
Description of Location: University of Maryland Stadium

Project Team

Disciplines That Worked on Project

Civil Engineer: Construction Management
People That Made the Project Happen (e.g., engineers, scientists, etc.)
Organizations That Made the Project Happen (e.g., engineering companies, government agencies, etc.)

Project Details
About this project
This project involved the extensive renovation and expansion of south side of the University of Maryland football stadium. It added luxury suites and renovated the press area, including high-definition broadcast capabilities. This made it one of the better stadiums in the Big Ten college football division.

According to Clark Construction: "The existing Tyser Tower was not designed to carry the structural loads required by the new exterior seats. To solve this challenge, the Clark project team utlized a structural support system common in bridges to erect the new seating areas. Comprised of 3 ½-inch diameter rods, the support system is connected to massive steel frames located under the fifth floor. These rods hang down from the frames to support new tiered seating platforms below them on the third and fourth floors." (reference https://www.clarkconstruction.com/our-work/projects/umd-tyser-tower)
Who benefits from this project, and how?
The university benefited from gaining major exposure of their athletic department, which helps with their recruiting efforts. The residents of the State of Maryland benefited because the new stadium was an economic driver since it created jobs.
What's unique about this project?
The tower and stadium remained operational during the football stadium. Therefore, the construction had to accommodate 50,000 fans during football events.

The project was constructed from 2007-2009, and was completed one year earlier than originally planned.

Funding & Costs
Funding source: Private
Project cost: $$$$
Funding notes: The renovation was completed for the budgeted $50 million (source: https://dbknews.com/0999/12/31/arc-4b5fqgjt2ndyjmhlj7cexhmhbi)

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