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Saluda County, SC Flood Insurance Study


Saluda County, South Carolina, United States

Project Overview
Project Name: Saluda County, SC Flood Insurance Study
Location: Saluda County, South Carolina, United States
Project Status: Complete

Project Tags: disaster flood hazard

Project Team

Disciplines That Worked on Project

Civil Engineer: Water (Flood study)
People That Made the Project Happen (e.g., engineers, scientists, etc.)

Project Details
About this project
This project involved using computer models to estimate the extent of flooding during a flood that has a 1 percent chance of happening in any given year (sometimes called a 100-year flood). The computer modeling results were then used to create maps that show the expected flooding. These are called Flood Insurance Rate Maps. #flood
Who benefits from this project, and how?
When communities and people know what areas are expected to flood, and how high the water may be during the flooding, they can locate their homes appropriately. As a result of the project, less people should be impacted when large events occur.

Funding & Costs
Funding source: Public
Project cost: $$

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