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RePicture App



Project Overview
Project Name: RePicture App
Date Completed: 2018
Location: Worldwide
Project Status: Complete
Project Type: Software
Official Website: repicture.com

Project Team

Awards & Media
Project Details
About this project
We use the amazing engineering all around us to tell the stories of engineering and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) projects and professionals in order to create better career outcomes for all.
Who benefits from this project, and how?
Students and the public can discover how engineering projects are shaping our future, helping society, and making a world of difference. Students can hear the stories from the diverse engineers and STEM professionals who worked on the projects. This will increase the public's understanding of engineering and student's interest of engineering and STEM as creative, stable careers where they belong. Society will benefit from the solutions these future STEM professionals provide. Engineering companies can also showcase and gain recognition for the work they do .
What's unique about this project?
This project celebrates all the people working behind the scenes to build, protect, and create our natural, physical, and digital worlds. RePIcture.com is a tribute to those who's work provides the foundation for our every day lives, and those who delight us with their magnificent and inspiring creations.

Funding & Costs
Funding source: Private

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