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Prototype Printer Made of Corn


Page owner: Alana Alvarado

Project Overview
Project Name: Prototype Printer Made of Corn
Location: Worldwide

Project Tags: innovation sustainable development

Project Team

Disciplines That Worked on Project

Industrial EngineerMaterials Engineer
People That Made The Project Happen (e.g., engineers, scientists, etc.)
Organizations That Made The Project Happen (e.g., engineering companies, government agencies, etc.)

Awards & Media
Project Details
About this project
Hewlett-Packard designed a prototype printer made of corn. The printer is made using bio-polymers extracted from corn or maize crops. This makes the printer biodegradable.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=90&v=o2bNoZ_rOTQ&feature=emb_logo
Who benefits from this project, and how?
Everyone would benefit from this because it is good for the environment.
Environmental considerations
This would be good for the environment because it is not plastic, so it won't take years to degrade.
What's unique about this project?
What is unique about this project is that it is made out of corn and not plastic which makes it good for the environment.

(Student Alana Alvarado conducted some work on the project profile.)

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