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Marsh Road Retaining Wall Repair


Marsh Road, Atherton, CA, USA

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Project Overview
Project Name: Marsh Road Retaining Wall Repair
Date Completed: 2016
Location: Marsh Road, Atherton, CA, USA
Project Status: Complete
Description of Location: Marsh Road between Middlefield Road and Fair Oaks Avenue, Atherton, CA

Project Team

Disciplines That Worked on Project

Civil Engineer: Construction Management (Horizontal Construction)Civil Engineer: Site Design (Site development stormwater)Civil Engineer: Site Design (Site design structures)
People That Made the Project Happen (e.g., engineers, scientists, etc.)
Organizations That Made the Project Happen (e.g., engineering companies, government agencies, etc.)

Awards & Media
Project Awards
2017 Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) Project Achievement Award - Ghirardelli Associates (Construction Management), Biggs Cardosa Associates (Architect/Engineer), Granite Construction (Builder/Contractor) 

Media References
Project Details
About this project
The Atherton Channel conveys storm water from the Town of Atherton to the San Francisco Bay along Marsh Road, which is a heavily travelled, two-lane roadway that accommodates commute traffic between El Camino Real and US 101. The 70+ year‐old brick‐and‐mortar retaining wall supporting Marsh Road (from Middlefield Road to Fair Oaks Avenue) also formed one of the walls of the Atherton Channel. The wall had been caving in on itself and was in desperate need of repair. The Contractor had 94 working days to replace roughly 1,805 feet of existing open-channel with a new cast-in-place concrete U‐shaped channel within the footprint of the existing channel. Associated improvements included construction of temporary shoring, temporary cofferdam and bypass piping, providing traffic control and the installation of a traffic-rated steel safety railing. Also, under this contract was the rehabilitation of approximately 2,000 linear foot of the 24” diameter Sanitary Sewer Main by Cured-in Place Method, as well as rehabilitation of existing manholes, and reconnection of sewer laterals.
Who benefits from this project, and how?
The Town benefited from this project as the 70+ year old retaining wall was caving in on itself and was in desperate need of repair.
Environmental considerations
The work associated with this project was performed in and around a waterway. As such, permits from the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were issued for this project. Issues considered were: native and non-native trees and shrubs, hydraulic analyses, dewatering plan, and mitigation measures.

Funding & Costs
Project cost: $$$
Funding notes: The project cost was $3.2 million and the town’s funding was local. There was no state or federal funding on this project.

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