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Fox Theatre


Fox Theater, Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA, United States

Project owner: israel ibitokun

Project Overview
Project Name: Fox Theatre
Date Completed: 1928
Location: Fox Theater, Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA, United States
Project Status: Complete
Project Type: Building/Structural
Official Website: thefoxoakland.com
Description of Location: fox theatre is in the middle of emporium oakland and oakland school of arts

Project Team

Project Details
About this project
The Fox Oakland Theatre has a long history as a place of entertainment.

It originally opened in 1928 as a movie theater. However, it closed in 1973 and was unused until the Oakland Redevelopment Agency purchased it in 1996. Through $50M in investments and $30M in state and federal grants, the theater underwent a major renovation. The renovations included seismically strengthen the building and new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

The building reopened in 2009 and is now a 3,000 seat performing arts theater with restaurant and bar.

It is located at 1807 Telegraph Avenue in Downtown Oakland. The theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Who benefits from this project, and how?
The people who benefits from this projects are the people of Oakland that love getting entertained and can go there to see their favorite singer/actress.

Reopening the theater has resulted in the area being re-established as an entertainment district.

The project also created jobs. During construction, it employed 900 workers. Now there are 110 permanent employees.
What's unique about this project?
The theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

(Student Israel Ibitokun provided content for this project page.)

Funding & Costs
Funding source: PublicPrivate
Project cost: $$$$
Funding notes: The renovations were a public-private partnership. Sources of the funding included $50M from the Oakland Redevelopment Agency investments and $30M in state and federal grants

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