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Brooklyn Bridge


Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, New York, NY, USA

Project Overview
Project Name: Brooklyn Bridge
Date Completed: 1883
Location: New York, New York, United States (40.706086, -73.996864)
Project Status: Complete

Project Team

Disciplines That Worked on Project

Civil Engineer: Construction ManagementCivil Engineer: Transportation (Bridges)

Awards & Media
Media References
Project Details
About this project
The Brooklyn Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Construction began in 1870 and was completed in 1883. The foundations for the bridge utilized the caisson system; at the time of construction, this was the largest caisson (underwater box) ever made.

After its opening, P. T. Barnum of Barnum & Bailey memorably marched 21 elephants across the bridge to prove the strength of the edifice.

The bridge has undergone various renovations, the most recent completed in 2015.
Who benefits from this project, and how?
Travelers by car and foot can access Brooklyn from Manhattan and vise-versa, which was previously doable only by ferry. This was particularly beneficial to commuters working in Manhattan while living on the island.

Because of the bridge, the city of Brooklyn experienced growth and an increase in property values.

What's unique about this project?
This was the first steel suspension bridge ever built and the longest in the world at the time of construction.

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