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Beach Damage Assessment After Hurricane Isabel


Outter Banks, North Carolina

Project Overview
Project Name: Beach Damage Assessment After Hurricane Isabel
Date Completed: 2003
Location: Outter Banks, North Carolina
Project Status: Complete
Project Type: Water/Environmental

Project Tags: coastal

Project Team

Awards & Media
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Project Details
About this project
Hurricanes can have devastating impacts to beaches. This project involved assessing the beach erosion and how much sand was lost after Hurricane Isabel hit the Outer Banks in North Carolina. These beach assessments conducted immediately after the hurricane was used by the communities and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to identify where beaches need to be rebuilt and the estimated cost.
Who benefits from this project, and how?
Anyone who enjoys going to the beaches in the North Carolina Outer Banks!

Funding & Costs
Funding source: Public
Funding notes: The project was funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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