Be a hero and help a STEM student this summer

You can help a STEM student this summer with just a couple minutes of your time

  • Participate on a panel discussion about your profession
  • Attend short student presentations
  • Be interviewed by a student about one of your projects
  • Review a student's write-up
  • Give a presentation about professional skills (e.g., resumes, technical writing, etc.)
  • Be a Role Model by adding your profile to
  • Support the professional development of your company's summer interns by allowing them to participate in the RePicture STEM Exploration Course

Tell a college student, recent grad, or exceptional high school student about this summer's Free RePicture STEM Exploration Course!

Change perceptions of scientists and engineers

Take a couple minutes to change the world and you may benefit too!

Help students understand what scientists and engineers do

Tell your unique story so all students know they belong in STEM

Support student’s professional development

Tell your story and change the world

Written, videos, pictures- use whatever format you want

It’s easy to add information and you can have full control of it

Add projects you’ve worked on to help students understand the actual work done by STEM professionals
Add your profile so students in your major and university can discover their career options
Be a mentor from your desk by answering students’ questions from your university or major

New success stories every day

Connect with STEM students and professionals

Explore, message, and connect right from your phone

Take the next step towards helping
the next generation

Be a role model. Get started today.