Help Mentor the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

Explore some of the many ways mentors can support our students:

  • Be a panelist for one of our professional development and/or career exploration seminars
  • Become a judge for the students’ final presentations
  • Help review students’ weekly assignments and provide basic feedback
  • Be interviewed by a student to share your experiences in the STEM world.

Mentoring is an easy and flexible way to support our STEM program!

Help Support Our STEM Community

Just a few minutes of your time makes a big difference

Help students explore diverse career paths

Inspire future STEM leaders through your unique story

Support students’ personal and professional growth

Tell your story, shape their future

Quickly become part of our STEM community

Mentors also contribute to our platform by…

Adding their personal projects for students to experience real-world STEM work
Creating their personal profiles for students to discover different career paths
Answering questions from our diverse network of students and young professionals.

A transformative experience for students and mentors

Connect with STEM students and professionals

Explore, message, and connect right from your phone

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