Lesson Plans

Engineering Bingo

(Thanks to Dr. Evan Variano and Wyeth Binder, University of California, Berkeley)

Helps students relate engineering concepts that they are learning to the “real world.” Best for college or high school engineering or physical science classes. read more
Key Players of STEM

(Thanks to Jason Ebner, Antioch High School, CA and AGU Centennial Grant)

Helps students learn about STEM projects that excite them, while improving their research and communication skills. Best for college or high school STEM classes. read more
Find Your Passion

(Thanks to Dr. Charles Riley, Oregon Institute of Technology)

Helps students discover different types of engineering careers and engineering projects that excite them. Best for college or high school introduction to engineering classes. read more
Using Design Process To Increase Interest in Engineering
Helps girls understand the benefits of diversity in engineering and change their perceptions of who are engineers. Best for All-girls high school STEM class or club. read more
Meet an Engineer or Scientist

(Thanks to Patricia Neary, Long Reach High School, MD)

Helps all students understand the breadth of work different types of engineers and scientist do. Also provides girls and other underrepresented groups role models so they see that they “belong” in STEM. Best for college or high school introduction to engineering classes or after-school STEM clubs. read more
Your Lesson Plan

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