New way to teach students about careers in STEM* fields

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Help college and high school students discover the world of STEM

Free tool that presents STEM in ways attractive to all students

Easy to use for online learning or traditional classroom

Helps students connect with diverse STEM-related projects and professionals based on their interests

Students’ work can be published on RePicture for the world to see

New success stories every day

Engage Your Students

Uses discovery-based learning and leverages technology that students use every day to enhance the classroom experience

Teachers and professors nationwide are using a new platform

Students relate STEM concepts they are learning to the real world
Motivates students with potential for work to be published on RePicture
Students discover STEM projects and careers that excite them
Students find diverse STEM professionals that they can relate to

Easy to use and flexible

If you’ve used the internet, you can use RePicture with no training

We have lesson plans and provide teacher dashboards to easily review assignments

You can easily incorporate the RePicture website into your existing assignments

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