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Looking for your first “real” job? This group chat is for you


September 19, 2019
Lynn M Mayo 15:16

Have you been working a while? If so, what advise do you have for first job seekers? Are you looking for your first job, what questions do you have?

September 20, 2019
Katherine Callahan 12:38

I have a question about finding a first job. What are some good ways/useful tools to make connections in the field I want to work in?

September 23, 2019
Lynn M Mayo 18:53

Katherine that’s a great question. My advice is to look for professional associations in the field you’re interested in and see if they have local events that you can attend. Then use these events as an opportunity to network and make connections. On the Organization page we have about 20 common engineering associations. Just do a key word search on “professional association”. Many of them have local chapter events. Depending on your field of interest, also consider joining organizations like Engineers in Action and Engineers Without Borders where you can volunteer with, and get to know, engineering professionals.